Michlol Institute For Torah & Technology

Since 1992, Michlol has been following the advice of our sages, to combine the learning of a profession along with the study of our ancient texts.

Students spend their mornings in the Michlol Beit Midrash, strengthening themselves in Jewish knowledge, values and observance. Many students come from “challenged” family environments – both economically and social.

From its beginnings, the Michlol program has catered  to young men who serve in the IDF. It teaches them hi-tech vocations which they will apply in their army service, and afterwards, in the workforce. Michlol  grooms them to raise proud, productive, shomrei-mitzvot families, strengthening Israeli society, and our Homeland. 

Michlol Rosh Yeshiva – Rabbi Yair Shachor (center) with students / soldiers of Michlol